January 7th, 2009

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 Justice is a curious, ephemeral quality. Noone can seem to pin down what it is, despite thousands of years of philosiphizing. The best we have yet found is that it produces a certain kind of reaction, a gut feeling: "This is right, Justice has been done." Does this mean Justice is like pornography? I'll leave that question to the corrupt judges. 

Regardless, I think that a number of good people will feel that sensation soon. 

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Between my own checkups and checking in on Soiree, I'm spending so mch time in the clinic when I'm not at work that I'm begining to feel as if I live there. Rikku, J, and Kairi, you can stop hovering over me, the doctor says it might very well be another couple months before you notice anything. Except I think I'm definiely starting to show by now. Will this tide you over in the meantime?
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So, new year means new beginnings, right? I'm going to redecorate, then. I did red last time, so now I'll go with... blue. A nice, light, robin's-egg-blue.

And the garage needs to be restocked with wrenches. I might have misplaced a few last week. Totally on accident, mind you. It's not like I meant for them to get lost while I was running.
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I absolutely refuse to brew "Light Beer". I don't care how many holiday pounds you've put on. Stop asking me.

[Private to Kei]

So uh....I wanna try my hand at sake. My problem is, the nipponensis won't tell me what conditions they want. They just recite haiku at me then die. They're too Japanese! Wanna help me?